A complete compiler without all the setup hassle!

The WebFortran Command Line Interface allows users to access our online compiler from their system's command line without installing any large, complicated toolchains. Users can begin compiling Fortran for various platforms as soon as they've logged in to their WebFortran account from the compiler tool.

With the Command Line Interface, there is no need to install any additional libraries or environments. The compiler willl seamlessly handle transferring Fortran source code to our servers and deliver resulting objects to your local machine. Designed to work like any other native Fortran compiler, the WebFortran Command Line Interface makes compiling Fortran fast, simple, and painless.

Example - Compiling a Single Fortran File

Assuming you have a simple Fortran program in a single file, compiling is as easy as:

C:\Users\margaux>webfortran -o hello.exe hello.f90

 Hello World!

Example - Building a Modern Fortran Project

WebFortran's Command Line Interface can be used just like any other Fortran compiler to build non-trivial, multi-file projects like one would expect:

C:\Users\henry>webfortran -c -o sup6.o sup6.f90

C:\Users\henry>webfortran -c -o qck6.o qck6.f90

C:\Users\henry>webfortran -c -o cfm6.o cfm6.f90

C:\Users\henry>webfortran -o cfm.exe cfm6.o qck6.o sup6.o

Once the Command Line Interface is on the path, it can be used by build tools like make or cmake just like any other compiler. Compiled module files and object files are delivered the same as a native compiler.